SiteStream takes site monitoring to the next level, with HD video recordings instead of stills. SiteStream cameras capture the entire build as discrete 10 minute HD video clips which can be searched by date, time and easily downloaded.

Image taken from the Site Eye Portal showing a Sitestream camera.


SiteStream – Portal
Traditional construction site monitoring is achieved by sending still images back to an online portal where clients can view them from anywhere in the world.
SiteStream takes this to the next level, with HD video recordings instead of stills. SiteStream cameras capture the entire build as discrete 10 minute HD clips which can be searched by date and time and easily downloaded.

  • Analysis of incidents to prevent re-occurrence
  • Capture of near-misses for training
  • Dispute resolution
  • Checking validity of personal claims
  • Monitoring site traffic flow and bottlenecks

SiteStream – Live
Broadcast live from your project.

  • Show your investors and stakeholders the progress on-site with fantastic HD video stream.
  • Stream can be live or delayed (e.g. delay the stream by half an hour to allow time to shutdown the stream if there is an incident).
  • Live feed is full HD* and can be watched by unlimited viewers without slowing the stream.
  • Perfect for landmark projects with high public interest.
  • Can be combined with SiteStream – Portal to record streams to the Site-Eye Image Archive Portal.

SiteStream – DVR
For sites where it is not possible to obtain a good Internet connection, but recording is still needed.

  • Streams are recorded on a server installed on-site.
  • Clips can be stored for many months** and the system will overwrite the oldest clips when the storage is full.
  • Downloads of the saved clips is easily achieved via the systems web interface.
  • Available as standard (up to 2 months storage, small desktop style PC server), or
    Professional (up to 6 months storage, rack mount system with RAID storage).

*Requires suitable internet connection
**Actual duration will depend on supplied storage and camera view


We will discuss your project and working with you, we will determine the number and type of cameras you will need, and the duration of the project.

We will then provide you with an estimated cost subject to the site survey.

We can amend items on the estimate to ensure the project meets your budget, but also to ensure the quality is correct for your anticipated usage.

When you are happy with the estimate, we will proceed to the free site survey.

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Site Survey

The site survey is where we will get a full appraisal of the project.

We will check all aspects of the installations including:

  • Suitable location for cameras. Ensuring a good view and confirming the view is what you are hoping to capture
  • Check communications. SiteStream Live and SiteStream Portal systems require a very good Internet connection. We can provide a wired link if required, or figure out connections to existing services.
  • See if custom brackets, towers or camera housings might be required
  • Capture the information required to work safely and produce all the relevant health and safety documentation

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Formal Quote

Once the survey has been completed we can update the estimate to include items not specified in the estimate.

For example, hire for access equipment, or towers, or remove items no-longer required (for example, the estimate may include a tower, but after the survey it might be discovered that the camera can be mounted on the roof of an adjacent building).

In most cases the estimate and quote will be the same amount.

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Installation will be performed by our experienced team of highly trained engineers.

They will be working to a “safe system of work” and will provide all the required health and safety documentation.

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Working Together

Once the cameras are installed, you will be given access to the portal which gives you access to your images and movies from anywhere in the world and also from iOS and Android devices.

But that is not the end of the story. We also keep a check on all cameras, and will work hard to ensure your camera is kept running throughout the project. With a team of engineers ready to respond to any issues.

Camera moves are included, so let us know if you want to change the view.

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At the end of the project the online portal will remain available, for free, for up to 6 months beyond the end of the project.

The portal can be kept online indefinitely for a small monthly fee.

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