A professional ACAP application for long term time-lapse using Axis cameras.



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Site-Eye are one of the longest running time-lapse services companies in the world. We have been providing fully managed time-lapse systems to clients for over 25 years, and have filmed thousands of projects around the world.

We have now brought our time-lapse expertise to an ACAP application for AXIS Network Cameras.

Service Features

No static IP or firewall changes required. The application pushes the images out to the cloud. There is no need to configure firewalls to allow inward connections. No need for static IP addresses. The App can use one of three different upload protocols (useful if some are restricted locally)


Remote control of capture parameters. The application parameters can be updated remotely to change the interval and the time of day to record.

Record for any time duration. The application will capture time-lapse images and upload them over the Internet to Site-Eye secure cloud storage. Once uploaded they are deleted from the camera, enabling the camera to record for years without running out of space


Tolerant of Internet Outages. The application will continue to capture images even when the link to the Internet goes down. The stored images will be uploaded when the link is re-established

State of the art Portal. Our secure online Portal allows your clients to view the time-lapse stills and movies from a central location. They can compare images from different times, generate their own time-lapse clips, or watch the clips created by our editors. The Portal can be branded with your logo if required. If they use BIM 360 they can also embed the Portal on their project dashboard.

Monthly Time-Lapse Edits

Each month our editing team will provide a manually edited time-lapse clip from each camera. This can be viewed and downloaded from the Portal

Custom Edits

Included in the service charge are occasional special edits. These can be requested for special occasions such as topping out parties and board meetings

Mobile Device Apps

View the images and videos on mobile devices through the Portal or iOS and Android Apps.

Final Movie

Our editors will produce the final film at the end of the project. This can include text and graphics provided by you or your client

Alert System

Receive email alerts when a camera goes offline. Don’t lose valuable footage due to power outages

Getting Started

Plan Your Time-Lapse

It is worth thinking about what you would like to see in the final movie. Perhaps a long shot of the entire project which will capture it in its entirety. Or perhaps several cameras capturing different aspects. This might include a long shot and another camera that could be moved to different locations during the project. Don’t forget that our editors will work with you at the end to cut between camera


Source The Cameras

Although the App will run on almost any Axis camera, we recommend a fixed (Not PTZ) camera. The 4K resolution cameras will give the best results, but some of the full HD cameras are also very good.

Contact Site-Eye

We will provide versions of the App suitable for your camera(s). We will need to know the project name so we can setup the back-end storage. At this point we will also need billing details for the service charge.



Please use the ‘Contact’ link above to enquire about prices for your project.