With Site-Eye you can be confident that nobody else can access your images and films:

  • All access to the images is via a secure login over an encrypted connection
  • All API use requires a whitelisted address and an authenticated connection
  • On-Site Servers are in locked rooms with access only granted to essential staff

Our camera systems can store images for weeks or more at a time in the event that there is a comms breakdown between the camera system and our servers. The camera will continue taking images even in a comms blackout, this ensures we don’t miss a vital part of the project.

The camera system transmits the image to a cloud based distribution system. This provides another layer of data security as the server is independent of our own servers and will remain unaffected in the event of an issue with our systems. The cloud service we use has achieved 100% up-time over the last few years.

Our cloud based distribution system transmits the images to our own servers in two separate geographical locations in the UK.

Our image storage servers use RAID technology to ensure your images are safe even in the event of a hard drive failure.

Each image storage server has an identical hardware clone stored in a separate location which is updated every night. In the case of a total server failure, we can switch to the clone with minimal disruption.

After a period of time all our images are duplicated and moved to cold storage in a separate location to our offices.